About us

Blaze trust founded on 25th September 2003 and adopted “Karunai Illam” an orphanage home. The trust initiated its activities with the orphanage home by appointing a teacher to conduct classes for the children’s education betterment. However the trust envisaged working with similar vulnerable communities such as children, people with disabilities, elderly, women and the vulnerable communities.

In the year 2007, in the month of June, blaze trust, started its foray in the field of micro credit. While creating awareness on the importance of education in rural areas like Telungupalayam, LIC colony etc. The volunteers identified children dropped out from school. On enquiring the same, they found that due to family’s poor economic condition the parents were not in a position to send them to school regularly.  The trustees felt the urgent need to enable the children to continue their education without break. They then organized a meeting with their parents who requested the trustees to help them by providing small education loans at a low rate of interest so as to help sending their children back to school. Then the trustees took loans from friends and relatives, with, the sole purpose of providing loans to the parents of 90 school dropout children, for their re-enrolment into school. Thereby, starting, the trust’s journey into the field of microcredit. 

Our Activities

The vision of blaze trust is to improve the quality of life of poor and vulnerable people through transformative action to lead life with dignity, peace, justice and financial freedom. The activities  involve strategic implementation and constant engagement with other stakeholders to achieve deep and sustainable impact in the lives of the target populations.

The thrust areas of the organization are women empowerment, financial inclusion, livelihood promotion, vocational training, access to government schemes, education, relief work, health, nutrition and tribal welfare. Our target beneficiaries are women, children, tribes, elderly people and people with disability.

  1. Women empowerment
  2. Financial inclusion
  3. Access to government schemes
  4. Education
  5. Training
  6. Health and nutrition
  7. Tribal welfare
  8. Relief Work

Our Vision & Mission


  • To enhance the education status of the children through special school
  • To empower socio, economic status of women through micro credit and sustainable income generation programmes
  • To enhance their financial status through micro credit programme and formation of women groups among poor and needy
  • To impart life skills and education to children and adolescents to lead a meaningful life
  • To provide treatment, and rehabilitation of hiv/aids affected population
  • To create awareness regarding ecological and environmental balance
  • To organize, participate and sponsor seminars, workshops, conferences, exchange visits study tours, development activities and training programmes.
  • To provide aid in cash or kind to hospitals, maternity homes, child welfare centers.


Our Vision is to improve the quality of life of the poor and vulnerable people through radical action to help lead life with dignity, peace, justice and financial freedom.


  • Every steps are unique with careful thoughtfulness.
  • Meticulousness at every level and in all the activities
  • Humility as the center of all things.


  • To organize fund raising efforts to provide micro loans for children’s education and medical purpose and to poor women to establish or diversify their business activity leading to financial independence.
  • To conduct training and awareness programme for the urban and rural poor, in the field of women empowerment and education
  • To promote the ideals of the trust, like good sanitation, physical hygiene education, financial support and rights for vulnerable community at large.
  • To create awareness on health issues like hiv/aids and environmental protections.

History of Blaze Trust

Journey chart shows our milestones in the last 18 years

Informal Education Support to Karunai Illam Children.
Trust was registered formally.
90 dropout Children re-enrolled in school
Savings & Micro-Credit Started through NABARD
Emerged as rural banking correspondence for SBI
Authorized to distribute Social Security Pension to Old age people.
Tribal Welfare Program started by adopting 8 tribal villages.
Protein powder distribution for malnutrition children
Covid Relief Work - Food and Homeopathy medicines supplied

Our Supporters