1) After-school programme

Our evening school teachers immerse themselves in after school programme, and help the children with their daily academic lessons. Similarly, the teacher of karunai illam orphange home provides emotional/physical care and support for vulnerable children who have been partially orphaned or abandoned by their parents. In addition to education, sports & games are also organized for the children during special occasions.


The uniqueness of the classes are to create friendly study environment with special attention to the critical subjects such as mathematics, english, attending on children who need special and more attention, to, upgrade the education status, and conducting tests on week end.


2) Motivation and career focus training for slum children

Blazetrust stepped into conducting education motivation class and career focus training classes to drop-out and non school going children in rural and urban slum areas of coimbatore districts.

We are training children how to learn, rather than what to learn.

The training program needs to complement the education they are receiving, not replace it. We have created an environment within the slum where we are creating an interest in learning and motivating the children to take proactive steps in preparing for their future.

  • The training programmes are centered around computer and web-based learning. The children are learning to type and create charts graphs and formulas. The children are using google apps to email. The children are using internet news sites to follow current events and compare the different points of view that are available from different sources. We believe it is crucial for the children to develop 21st century skills as they prepare for their lives outside the slum area.
  • The training programmes are focused on creating connections. Connections with children in similar and different environments. We believe that by using this children network, we can remove the sense of isolation and instead help the children to imagine a exciting future.
  • The training programmes are team-based. It gives each child a key role within the group and each child must play a role. Living in slum or rural circumstance almost results in groupings of children where only a handful of children have a voice. The other children are left to follow and take orders. We believe that by encouraging positive group dynamics we can teach self-confidence and help the children to develop healthy self-esteem.
  • All projects are set-up to encourage student inquiry based learning. Children naturally have questions about the world around them. But children who have been orphaned may have never had an adult in their lives to whom they can ask their questions. By the time they reach 12 or 13 years of age, they may have stopped inquiring altogether. Why inquire when you never receive an answer? But we know how important it is to teach kids how to think through issues, engage in discussions, and find solutions. We believe that by encouraging children to ask questions and learn how to seek solutions we are equipping children to be much more prepared for their futures outside the orphanage. We wish these kids to become lifelong learners!
  • In addition formation of students clubs in our self help group working area strengthens the children in various aspects. We are supporting the children through education loans and career opportunities guidance. Through this career focused training programme, children are geared to consider higher studies and encourage them to focus on a particular goal. We believe that by creating an increased curiosity about careers, as well as greater understanding about possible career opportunities, we can motivate children to set career goals and begin taking steps toward achieving these goals

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