Health and Nutrition

Nutrition and health care both are very crucial in the early stages of life. Nutrition acts both as an essential element on the one hand and increased the rate of child survival on the other hand. Healthcare is also very necessary for the growth and development of children. Lack of adequate nutrition increased the risk of mortality. On the other side, under-nutrition represents a deprivation of basic aspects of well-being. Blaze trust initiated nutritious powder distribution to children age between 2 to 5  with the following objectives

  • To improve nutrition and health status of children between 2 to 5 years of age
  • To enhance nutrition and health status of women particularly pregnant and lactating women

The project benefitted 200 children in the 2 blocks of coimbatore district. The following impact created through the project


Change of food pattern: initially women were giving tea or plain milk or rice porridge etc as nutritious drink and children are used to those drinks, hence they hesitate to drink protein powder porridge. After regular conversation with women the mind shift happened with women about the importance of consuming protein powder.  In turn they slowly make children to consume protein powder. They used various methods of giving that either as porridge, ball(urundai), etc


Child’s growth:  Regular intake has given constant growth in child’s health.

  • Children weight has gained in the project duration.
  • Children are active and her/his automotive skills have been increased
  • Frequency of falling sick has been reduced
  • Immunity power has sustained
  • Children shown interest in drinking this as protein drink
  • Skipping breakfast has been avoided by drinking this drink


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