Blaze trust strongly believes that capacity building and training of staff and community play a vital role in human development. It enhance knowledge, skills and attitude. Thus, knowing the importance of training, blaze trust is providing various types of trainings mentioned as below these training are organized with sector and subject experts from head office and external resource person.

Blaze trust organize these trainings on different level in different stages of the life cycles of self help groups.

  1. Capacity building training:  it supports women to understand their current situation, their abilities, strengths, ongoing problems and how to solve their problems by themselves.
  2. SHG concept training at the beginning of group formation group development executive conduct group concept training for all the members.  This training help women to understand importance of group, function of group, their role in jlg or shg or mcg.
  3. Book keeping/accounts training: saving is one of the important activity of the self help groups which bring women together initially.  The proper record of savings and internal lending help to develop trust among each other.  Accounts training enhance women knowledge to keep account records properly.
  4. Leadership development training: leaders plays an important role in group development.  Each group has three leaders, their responsibility to lead the group. Leaders need to understand group dynamic, development stages and role of leader.  Leadership training provide all the inputs required to a good leader.
  5. Skill Development Training (SDT): to encourage women to take up entrepreneurship activities to increase their income, SDT training helps women to understand concepts, stages how to identify and how to become entrepreneurs. Blazetrust will provide various types of skill development training programmes to its members to start new business or to expand the same. For ex. Beautician training, bridal make-up training, masala making, jewel making, marketing strategy etc.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation : JLG/SHG/MCG develop through various stages. Each stage is very important for development of group .  These trainings make group women understand how to monitor and evaluate their own groups at different stages.


Apart from these stipulated trainings, Blazetrust organizes different need based and health related training for the JLG, SHG and MCG members such as health and hygiene practices training, epidemic disease awareness training etc.   

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